I see our story unfold in the fifty-seven seconds it takes to watch this 作品.

I first see an innocent child alone on the

concrete, where 有一次 I found all the

things you could not take left in a pile in

front of the place I found abandoned.

Yet that child 没尝遍人间的酸甜苦辣

And I see you in your 20s, a waylaid lover who’d already fled,

with an untucked plaid shirt staring out of a 杭州 hotel window

glass of wine in hand, in the 郊区 where I 在酒吧等过 you

constantly checking over my 肩膀 to make sure they had not

followed me to wait here in vain. But then I saw the two of you too

the 穿着情侣装的 two strangers deep into the clandestine affair I

忽然 discovered on the 找你的路上, when I was already ready to

tell you that I’d found the exit door you’d always asked me to find.

I want to grab 20几岁的你 and sing Maps by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

til I’m all out of breath even though I know I might not get the chance

Sometimes I want to tell that 小屁孩 to Stop. Don’t

follow them. Finish school. Don’t enter society so early.

Because you are going to cry, and you are going to hurt

others trying to 赚钱, you will lose everything, I want to

早点教训你 that 一切行为都是要付出代价的,but

even if I could, and probably should, I probably won’t

Because if you never 那一次 travelled for work

then perhaps we might never have met after all in

that eye of the storm, and I want to have met you.

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