This time next year
In a purposeless tracksuit
Working out my problems
In a redundant tracksuit
Yoga pants that don’t stretch
Uncomfortable sterile white trainers
thinking life was so much better last year.

This time next year
I’m back in between the sand, the sea, the desert and the Burj
catching up in laughter about all that I have missed over the last few years
with a twinkle in my eye, and a ring on my finger, I can’t stop smiling.

This time next year
thundering waterfalls, tropical rainforests
I can taste this history
I can hear the beauty surrounding
jostling cities, lost in the crowd, lost in translation
colour, travel dust, endless coastlines, ancient sites, lost cities
this is exactly what I needed

This time next year
I have a cup of coffee in my hand
I see the smalltalk from my balcony
But there is something missing.
There’s always something missing
laughter tickles
I need to take them home and get to work

This time next year
I’ll enjoy this moment
right here

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